• Magical Unicorn Mini Sessions

    The most anticipated mini session of the year!

    I spotted this gorgeous white pony on a new client’s farm last year and I knew I had to do a unicorn session with her! I mean, her name is Sugar for goodness sakes. She was practically begging for the unicorn horn! After only slightly frightening my client with my crazy enthusiasm over my discovery, she graciously agreed to let me bring my daughter over for a unicorn session. After posting my daughter’s session on social media, I knew this would be a session I wanted to offer my clients as well. I then started purchasing amazing dresses in tons of sizes, as well as princess worthy accessories, to make sure these sessions would truly be an experience the girls could not forget!

    I have also always wanted to do mini sessions under the beautiful pink flowering trees in McCurdy Park in Corunna so I decided spring time at McCurdy would be perfect! Even though the pink flowers only lasted for the first date of unicorn minis, all 22 mini sessions were completely magical. I knew my little clients would enjoy meeting Sugar, but I had no idea that I would seriously be making little girl dreams come true. The look on their sweet faces was priceless! I am so thankful for each parent and grandparent who brought their sweet princess to this magical mini session.

    Here is a peek at some of the magic:


    Love the unicorn photos my 8 year daughter is dying to see a unicorn. Are you doing sessions and if so how much and when.


    Hello Sara! Unicorn sessions will take place next in the summer of 2021. If you'd like more information, please e-mail Nikki Gentry Photography at nikkigentryphotography@gmail.com.


    Would like my granddaughters to have heir picture taken with this unicorn - is that possible?


    This is beautiful! I'd love to schedule this for my daughter!