• What girly girl wouldn’t love a trip to the spa?!?

    My sweet baby was about to celebrate her 8th birthday, and since she loves all things girly, I knew she would love a spa-themed birthday party. This is such an amazing theme for a kids party because the party activities are a no-brainer and so many of the items needed can be found anywhere, including the dollar store. We also had everyone wear their pajamas and robes to make it an extra cozy and fun event.

    My daughter loves all pastel colors so I decided to create a rainbow spa party. I like to style one main area/room for parties and often I use my dining room since it’s the easiest room for me to clear out. I used a pastel balloon garland to frame the main party area and staged the party room into four main activity stations. By having the girls rotate through stations, instead of having them all do each activity together, allowed me to keep the party moving smoothly and buy less materials (I couldn’t do 8 pedicures at once nor did I plan to buy 8 foot soaker machines). I paired the girls up ahead of time and handed them each their “pampering schedule” so there wasn’t confusion on who should start where once they arrived.

    Here is a look at what we did for each station:

    1) Foot Soak and Refreshment-

    I borrowed two foot soak tubs from family members and added a glitter bath fizzer to the foot soak for color and sparkle (Unicorn Glitter brand found at Dollar Tree). As the girls had their feet soaking, they picked from four “fancy” drink choices (1 of 3 different Aha brand Sparkling water flavors from Meijer or strawberry milk).  We rimmed the cups with colored sugar and a cucumber slice and the girls loved the fancy cups just as much as the foot soak.  The cups were $3/dz from Dollar N Party but here is a similar online option

    2) Facial and Pedicure-

    I placed two teepees under the balloon garlands to use as a place for the girls to relax while they had their cream masks/cucumbers on their faces. The teepees I had previously made by using wooden shovel handles from Home Depot for poles and this teepee tutorial. While the girls were relaxing with their face masks on, they had their toes painted. When their toes were done, they each received a warm towel to wipe their face mask off (we used white wash clothes from Dollar Tree that stayed warm in a crockpot). 

    3)Sleeping Masks and Massage-

    I always try to do at least one craft at our birthday parties so I ordered white sleep masks for the girls to decorate with rainbow colored sharpies. I bought the sleep masks really cheap from AliExpress, which is where we also found the pastel plates and cups, but I did so 4 months in advance to make sure they would be here on time. When the girls were done decorating, they gave each other back messages using a massager we already had (like this one) or using a small handheld back roller from Dollar Tree. 

    4) Manicure and Sweets-

    At the manicure station, the girls had their nails filed, buffed, and painted. Since I had just one adult doing manicures, the second girl assigned to the station went to grab a treat (pastel candies and a spa themed sugar cookie).

    It took 3 adults and one big kid helper to make these stations run smoothly at the same time. I could have also had the girls just paint each other’s nails and do each other’s face masks, if I didn’t have the extra help, but the adults helped everything stay organized and with less mess. 

    When I can, I like to make coordinating party decorations instead of buying pre-made themed decorations. A couple ways I did that at this spa party was with spa signs, spa rocks, entry curtains, teepee pillowcases, and garlands. Spa Signs- I used a Cricut and scrapbook paper create signs that read renew, refresh, and relax. I placed the signs in frames and on shelves I already had in the room. Spa rocks- my kids painted spa rocks pastel colors to place around the room. Spa entry curtains- I cut a white table cloth in half and taped them to a spring rod I already had to place in the doorway. Pastel Pillow- I wanted pastel pillows to go in the teepees but didn’t want to buy them so I use my couch pillows and safety pinned pastel fabric to them. Yarn garlands- I used yarn tutorials to create a pom pom garland and a tassel garland to hand in two of the stations.

    The stations took about 50 minutes to complete before lunch, cake, and presents.

    Are you planning to create a themed party for your child? Below are a few tips. 

    I always start party planning in this order: 1-Pick a theme (one that interests the child and lends itself easily to coordinating activities) 2-Choose 3 to 4 activities that are unique to the theme (and preferably double as party favors)  3-Choose a color pallet (I base this off the theme and child’s favorite colors) 4-Search for theme and color pallet related decor ideas (I DIY any time I can) 5-Plan food and drinks (I keep food simple but try to coordinate with the theme) 6-Choose one main area to set up the party decor and activities 

    Other themes to try that I have used include:

    sweet shop, art studio, unicorn, ballet, beach, fashion show, mermaid, pajama party, princess tea party, fairies, mystery detectives, and camping.

    I always start to plan my children’s party themes months in advance so I have plenty of time to craft the decor/activity items or to order anything I may need online.  

    Happy Party Planning,

    Nikki Gentry